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Every wedding is different. And every wedding couple is different. So make it YOUR day. 


1. Have a first look.

I always get teary eyed watching the groom’s face when he sees his bride for the first time. BUT. Why not make this an occasion for just the two of you?

The First Look. 


2. A unique Reception entrance.

I absolutely love these. From entering to your favourite hip hop song and absolutely crushing it on the dance-floor, to playing flip cup with the bride & bridesmaids against the groom & groomsmen. Make it your own. 


3. Children at weddings.

This is always a highly contested topic - specifically between those that have kids and those that don’t. For couples that don’t want kids at their wedding, perhaps hire a few professional babysitters at the venue - this way the kids aren’t at the wedding but are close enough for parents to check in on them. Additionally, a babysitter, some movies and pizza may work out a tad cheaper than adding them to the wedding guest list!


4. Wedding Favours.

For me, giving your guests something like a keychain with your and your betrothed initials on it isn’t the most ‘wanted’ gift. If you have an idea that you love, then absolutely! But don’t be pressured to give wedding favours just for the sake of it. 


5. Bridesmaids dresses.

Your bride tribe will generally differ in skin tone to shape to preferences. Imagine one bridesmaids looking like a goddess, whilst the other feels like a peach milkshake. Give them a colour palette and some freedom on design. You can reach a middle ground that both you and your bridesmaids are happy with. 


6. The confetti circle.

For small and intimate weddings where there aren’t enough guests to make a tunnel, have them all stand around you in a circle and all throw at the same time. GORGEOUS!


7. Transportation.

For weddings that are a slight drive from your main town or area, perhaps book a mini bus or transportation for your wedding guests. This avoids drunk drivers and also allows every guests to have a couple of celebratory drinks with you! 


8. Possibly my favourite: The Request.

When using an RSVP action on your wedding website or cards, have a question for that guest’s requested song. That way you know what songs you guests will want to hear, plus they get super excited when they hear their song come on!


*Photos in this post were shot for Marielle Catherine Photography.  

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