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It’s your bestie’s wedding day, and there are some absolute musts

for you as her “Bride Tribe”


1. Don’t put the bride last for hair and makeup.

You don’t want to be running out of time and have the most important person still in the chair. 

2. Make sure the bride eats.

This is a must. Yes it’s just magical to have mimosas and champagne whilst your bestie is getting ready for her big day. But ensure she has some snacks and water throughout the morning. Last thing you need is a tipsy or faint bride!


3. Clean the room where the bride is getting ready.

The room can become so cluttered and messy so quickly and this shows in the photos. Every now and then just chuck all unnecessary items out the room. 


4. The veil.

Make sure one of the bridesmaids knows how you remove the veil. 

5. Extras.

Have lipstick extras for the bride for those touch-up needs. 

6. Steam early.

There’s lots to do on the day of the wedding, so ensure you have steamed the dress the night before. That way touch ups on the day are quick and easy!


And these last 2 ‘rules’ are for the bridesmaids at the ceremony. 

7. Leave space between bridesmaids when walking down the aisle.

Not a mass entrance. This also gives the photographer time to get an individual snap of each bridesmaid.

8. Look involved whilst standing during the ceremony.

This is not the time to zone out. Watch your bestie tie the knot - we don’t want far-off stares happening. Be involved! 


Have an amazing day celebrating your bestie! 

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