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1. Let’s start with probably the most important one.

Have 2 shirts. Yes this is an added expense, but should you spill something on it, sweat through it, whatever it may be, it never hurts to have a spare shirt!  

2. Don’t try new ideas with your beard on the day of the wedding.

Don’t surprise the bride and shave off your full beard right before the ceremony. Have a plan as to where your shave line is, how many days you’re going to grow it out for and possibly get your bride’s opinion on this too!

3. If you are shaving the morning of the wedding then do it early.

This gives time for any redness, razor burn etc to subside. 

4. This ‘rule’ is for your groomsmen. No shots. Have shots at the reception.

We don’t want the groom to be 2 stepping down the aisle. Save the celebration for later in the day. 

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